An SNMP or simple network management protocol is a tool that is used for accurately managing devices which work with IP networks. It is a standard internet protocol that is specifically designed for this purpose. There are numerous devices that operate with or support SNMP. Some of the major examples of devices that support SNMP include servers, switches, routers, modems, printers as well as work stations. SNMP is mainly used by network managers to monitor the operations of devices that have been connected to a specific network. The network managers usually monitor the conditions that may require the attention of administration.

SNMP-ManagementkonsoleThere are two platforms that use SNMP. The first one is the real device which implements the SNMP agent that is used in real situations. On the other hand, there is also a virtual platform which simulates the manner in which the real SNMP platform operates. Sometimes you may not need a real SNMP platform before you know how best to improve its operation and capabilities. This is the main reason why SNMP simulation is widely used. It is mainly important for studying the actual behaviour of a real SNMP device. The real SNMP normally depicts data in the form of variables so that the system configuration can be deduced for purposes of management. Depending on the system configuration displayed by the values, the management applications on which the SNMP depends can query or set the variables.

In general, SNMP simulator has several features which have an important role to play to ensure the successful management of the SNMP. However, three of the most important features are predominant.

The first and most important feature is a properly designed simulated SNMP agents. This is an SNMP agent that is designed with all the features that are possessed by the real SNMP device. It is specifically designed to provide a management application accurate understanding of a real SNMP agent’s behaviour. The simulator comes with features such as an operation user interface and various tools for altering its behaviour. Simulators are commonly used for replicating the behaviour of standard network management protocol. Therefore, they are also computer systems with features that cause network management software systems to ‘believe’ that they are actually interfacing with a real SNMP based network.


The other important feature is interfacing with the network management software. Actually, this is the entire centre of any SNMP simulator. It is specifically designed for the training of this software as well as testing the various components of the software in order to ascertain its level of ‘intelligence’ and advancement.

Another important feature is the duplication of real devices. In order to accurately predict the behaviour and performance of any SNMP based device, it is always important to simulate the behaviour of those devices such as routers, switches, servers, printers and modems. The simulator should be able to duplicate those accurately by recording them or able to change them to create various scenarios.

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