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Rapid increase of IP networks has developed curiosity in new business software and services. These innovative services have consequence in swells in demand for network bandwidth, performance, and expected quality of services. At the same time, the requirement has appeared for measurement technology to support this development by effectively offering the information needed to trace network and application resource use. Cisco’s NetFlow protocol offers solutions for each of these difficulties.

NetFlow traditionally allows several crucial customer applications comprising:

netflow_sim_constant1Network monitoring – NetFlow data allows real time network monitoring abilities. Flow-based analysis methods may be employed to envisage traffic patterns concerned with individual switches and routers and also on a network-wide basis to offer hands-on problem finding, professional troubleshooting, and quick problem resolution.

Network planning – NetFlow can be employed to detain data for a long period creating the chance to track and expect network expansion and plan improvements to improve the total of routing tools, ports, or bandwidth interfaces. NetFlow aids to lessen the total expense of network operations while exploiting network performance, competence, and dependability. NetFlow distinguishes unessential WAN traffic, authenticates bandwidth and Quality of Service and enables the examination of new network software. Most importantly NetFlow will offer you helpful information to decrease the expense of running your network.

Security analysis – NetFlow detects and categorizes DDOS attacks, worms and viruses in real-time. Modifications in Network performance indicate irregularities that are evidently displayed in NetFlow data. The data is a helpful forensic tool to comprehend and rerun the history of security occurrences.

Accounting or billing – NetFlow data offers fine detailed metering for extremely flexible and comprehensive resource deployment accounting. Service suppliers may use the information for billing depend on time-of-day, bandwidth use, application use, service quality, etc. enterprise consumers may use information for cost distribution for resource consumption.

mimic_netflow_configNetFlow Data warehousing & data mining – NetFlow data can be stored for afterward recovery and examination in support of hands-on marketing and consumer service programs. Most importantly NetFlow data offers Market Researchers access to the “who,” “what,” “where,” and “how long” info appropriate to venture and service suppliers.

User monitoring & profiling – NetFlow data allows network engineers to get thorough understanding of consumer or user deployment of network and application resources. This info then may be used to effectively plan and distribute access, backbone and application resources and also to spot and solve possible security and rule infringements.

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